Gol de Letra

 We are a civil society organization nonprofit whose goal is to ensure other prospects to children, adolescents and young people in socially vulnerable communities through programs and projects of Integral Education.

In 2001 we were recognized by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) as an organization model in this type of care.

Our operation happens in two ways:

• Direct assistance to about 1,300 children, adolescents, young people in São Paulo (Vila Albertina community) and Rio de Janeiro (neighborhood Cashew), with sport, art, culture, communication, leisure, citizenship and education activities for work .

• Disseminating these practices to other contexts, in partnership with businesses and other organizations.

Mission: To contribute to the cultural and educational development of children and young people so that they can act with autonomy in transforming their realities.

Vision: To be recognized as an organization that develops and disseminates practices that contribute to social transformation.

Values: Dignity, fraternity, solidarity and Perseverance.

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Gol de Letra Foundation

Address Rio :
Rua Carlos Seidl, nº 1141,
2º andar - Caju
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Address SP :
Av. Nova Cantareira,
nº 5078, Tucuruvi
São Paulo - SP