How We Operate

The performance of the Gol de Letra is configured in a proposal for comprehensive education in microterritório (acting in Vila Albertina, in São Paulo, and Chestnut, in Rio de Janeiro), based on the integration between educational practices and social assistance. The programs are geared to serve children, adolescents and youth, coupled with community development and their families.

The public is selected according to the degree of social vulnerability and risk, using criteria of PNAS (National Policy for Social Assistance - 2004), who assumes the centrality of the family and the importance of social assistance character of the actions, with the aim of developing contexts of family and community social protection.

The focus of the Gol de Letra, since it was created, is to develop other areas that are not worked at the school, providing new perspectives and worldviews to learners.

Among the languages offered in the various programs are:

• Activities of oral and written expression, cultural, artistic and body;

• Education for work;

• Sports, under the principles of Sport Education (whose focus is the expansion and development of skills and abilities essential to human development);

The proposed Comprehensive Education Gol de Letra provides for a joint performance of educators, who deal directly with the students, and social workers, responsible for mobilizing families and the community.

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Gol de Letra Foundation

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