Our History

Gol de Letra Foundation was established on December 10, 1998 by former footballers Rai and Leonardo. The date deliberately chosen, also marks Human Rights Day.

Gol de Letra represented a dream: the opportunity to contribute to the education of children and youth from socially vulnerable communities so that they had more opportunities and life prospects.

After much work, born Gol de Letra: an organization whose name has mixed the issue of sport, its two founders, with letter, relating to Education.

Over the years, the Foundation increased the number and scope of its programs, won awards and recognitions and now works with direct assistance and knowledge management, systematizing and disseminating their educational practices.

See a little more of our story by clicking on the timeline. If you want to know a little more about the beginning of the Foundation, download for free the book “10 years of a True Story”, available on the  Library link.



Gol de Letra Foundation

Address Rio :
Rua Carlos Seidl, nº 1141,
2º andar - Caju
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Address SP :
Av. Nova Cantareira,
nº 5078, Tucuruvi
São Paulo - SP