Fundação Gol de Letra

Who we are

Fundação Gol de Letra is a civil non-profit organization established on December 10th, 1998, on the Human Rights International Day, fostered by the dream of former football players Rai and Leonardo, who wanted to contribute to the education of children and young people living in low bracket communities, in order to give them more opportunities and better perspectives for their lives.

Based in Vila Albertina, in São Paulo, and in Caju, in Rio de Janeiro, this Foundation gives assistance to children, teenagers and young people, contributing, via educational practices and social assistance activities, to the development of communities and families.

The Foundation has been focused on the Systemization of its practices and methodology, as well as on the expansion of its borders, by sharing its social technology with professionals and organizations of other localities, via the Dissemination area.

Fundação Gol de Letra has its representative in France, Gol de Letra Association - France, established in 2002, counting on the initiative of volunteers, some friends of the Foundation´s founders. This Association promotes events, actions and partnerships, besides gathering foreign companies´ resources to be invested in projects executed in Brazil.

Our belief

Sports as a transformation tool

Sports is part of Gol de Letra's identity!

The Foundation´s programs have always been based on the principles of Integral Education, Educational Sports, and Participation, viewing the integral development of children, teenagers and young people in the respective communities.

Besides being a citizen´s right, Sports is a social-cultural issue, improving life quality, besides linking people and groups.

Therefore, Gol de Letra understands that sports practice is essential to the personal integral development, as it promotes inclusion and social interaction, it fosters autonomy, friendship, effective space use, value learning and respect to diversity; it also propitiates a democratic relationship and the observance of individual and collective interests, besides being beneficial to people´s health. Supported by all these motives, we believe that sports has an important role as social transformer!

Personal and Professional Development

Gol de Letra Foundation understands that the role of an organization that works in social-economic vulnerable communities is offering opportunities and possibilities to young people, giving them the knowledge, practice, experience and dialogue they need.

The idea is promoting activities that answer to the educational and social requirements, expanding the educational and cultural possibilities, the development, the autonomy, as well as citizenship awareness.

Therefore, concerning Youth, Gol de Letra´s focus is on three axels: Employability, Education of Monitors, and Arts & Communication. These are the themes of the programs and projects for the young people, developed via technical and certification courses; education of multiplying agents, employability workshops, life projects, and artistic language workshops. We try to comprehend different interests and demands in relation to the youth´s education, professional possibilities, income generation, personal and family aspects, and above all, propitiating favorable conditions to its complete development.

ícone publicações Learn more about the establishment of the Foundation in the book "Gol de Letra: 10 years of a Real History", available in PDF in the link Publication.


Promote the complete education of children, teenagers and young people focusing on sports and culture, besides preparing them for paid work.


Develop and disseminate the practices that contribute to social transformation


Dignity, Fraternity, Perseverance and Solidarity

Timeline and Awards

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Timeline Timeline

Board Of Directors And Council


Beatriz Pantaleão

Dirce Cristina Bellíssimo

Leonardo Nascimento de Araújo

Raí Souza Vieira de Oliveira



Raí Souza Vieira de Oliveira


Angela Maria Gervasio Neves

François Alain Dossa

Guilherme Amorim Campos da Silva

Paulo Aris Velasco Boyadjian

Philippe Jean-Marie Ormancey

Sérgio Arthur Ribeiro da Silva

Board of Directors


Emília Maria Camargo Nagle


Beatriz Pantaleão


Dirce Cristina Bellíssimo

General Director

Sóstenes Brasileiro de Oliveira

Gol de Letra Association - France



Guillaume Couzy


Raí Souza Vieira de Oliveira

Accounting officer

Yves Bonniffet


Anne Huynh

Council officers

Alexis Vintraud

Carlos Vinhas Pereira

Dorothée Lefeuille

Philippe Oddou

Pascal Deniau